What Is Morgue?

A morgue (also called mortuary) is used as storage area for human corpses that are waiting the identification, autopsy removal and bee disposed through cremation, burial and other methodology. In modern days, these corpses are customarily refrigerated in order to prevent early decomposition.

Where This Morgue Originated?

The term is morgue or mortuary is derived from many languages that make it the way it is understand today. Mortuary comes from an Anglo-French word, a mortuary that means a gift given to person, particularly the parish priest from a certain deceased parishioner. It is also originates from the Medieval Latin word montuarium which is later utilized by Late Latin as adjective word, mortuarious. This word refers to the dead. Mortuatious is derive from the Latin word mortuus ( mori) that means to die.   Its meaning these days, the location where human dead bodies are kept, is first recorded in the year 1865.

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The term morgue on the other hand, originates from the French term morgue. This means to defy or to look solemnly. This term is first used in describing the prison’s inner wicket. This is where the new prisoners are being kept in order for turnkeys and jailers will able to recognize them in the near future. Its modern meaning is derived from Paris in fifteenth (15th) century. It this time, it is used to describe a particular portion of Chatelet which is utilized as storage area as well as identification site for any unknown corpse or dead bodies.

The term morgue and mortuary are used interchangeably in describing the place where corpses are being stored.   But this two differ on the place where are commonly used.   Predominantly, the term morgue is usually used in English of North American. The term mortuary is commonly used in British English. The Rainbow’s End and the Rose Cottage are the term that are sometimes utilized by British hospitals. This is used in every discussion in front of the patient which is mainly children. Responsible persons for washing and handling bodies include the Morgue attendant, diener, autopsy technician.

What Are the Cold Chamber’s Types?

You can find two kinds of mortuary of morgue cold chambers. These are the following:

  1. The positive temperature cold chamber

In this place, the bodies are kept having about two (2) degree Celsius and four (4) degree Celsius. This type of chamber is typically used for keeping corpse of bodies for many weeks. But this type doesn’t have special features on preventing the bodies to decompose. This will just make the decomposition slightly slower compared to the room temperature.

  1. The negative temperature cold chamber

In this, the bodies will be kept in between -10 degree Celsius and -50 degree Celsius. This kind of cold chamber is commonly used by several forensic institutes mainly if a particular body has not yet determined. Since this place has a very low temperature, bodies here are totally frozen. This is why the decomposition of every dead is reduced.


What Are The Types Of Morgue Jobs?

There are several people who are benefited by the existence of this morgue. This gives multiple particular persons with job opportunity. The types of job opportunities in this field are the following:

  • Assistant jobs – the Morgue attendant

This people, the morgue attendants, as it name connotes are people who help in the day to day activities of performance in a particular morgue. The responsibility or duty of these people include pathology assisting ( through carrying out post mortem), measuring and weighing corpse, case note writing ( for releasing the body into funeral homes), and cleaning the rooms of autopsy.


  • Morgue technicians

This has similarities with the technician of anatomic pathologist. This is a form of forensic tech job which is concerned with the administrative function of a particular morgue such as documentation and evidence recording.

  • Anatomic Pathologist-A tech morgue duty

This position or type of job needs an extra experience that is higher than being a morgue attendant. This encompasses the duty of aiding in a particular autopsy, cadaver opening as well as body pats dissecting under particular supervision.

  • Security guard

Another job that is needed by morgue is the safe guard. This has nothing to do with any of the function in a morgue, but the provision of security in any establishment is highly recommended. The duty of these persons is to provide all the staff of persons in the morgue with safety.

What Are The Tools Used In Morgue, Forensic Expert And In Autopsies?

You often heard the term forensic experts and autopsy whenever a crime happened. Every victims of a particular crime are being studied in order to know the causes of death as well as to gather some of valuable evidences in solving a particular case. In this matter, forensic experts and autopsy technicians uses several tools for in order to function efficiently in their field. One of the usual tool or instrument that you may see whenever there is a dead body is the body bags or the cadaver bags.

What Is Cadaver Pouch Or Body Bag?

This bags or cadaver pouch is bag that is non-porous. This is specially created to contain the body of humans and facilitates the transportation and the storage of the body or corpses. This can also be utilized in the storage or every corpse in a particular morgue.

Body bags are only one of several tools that are used a particular study in a morgue. There are still several tools to be used in identifying a bodies or performing some investigations. Some of this is the following:

  • Dissecting table instrument
  • Autopsy table which is transportable( with or without elevation)
  • Autopsy sinks
  • Mortuary rack that are portable
  • Series of cadaver lift having forks
  • Carrier that is multi body
  • Embalming station
  • Head rest
  • Ropes
  • Rubber gloves
  • Jackets and apron
  • Dissecting knife
  • Skull key
  • Ribs shears
  • Bone saw
  • Autopsy hammer
  • Submersion autopsy table
  • Many more

Morgue in several parts of world plays a very vital role in keeping any human body. This helps a lot in every beneficial study that will make help solve any crime or criminal cases.

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