Private Funeral Webcasting Service

In November of 1998, a funeral service was held in the chapel of Messinger Indian School Mortuary. The deceased was an 87-year-old man who had lived a long and fruitful life. His marriage of nearly 70 years had produced 8 children and nearly 30 grandchildren, as well as countless great-grandchildren.

The chapel, which can seat 150 people, was filled to standing room only. The chapel was adorned with remnants of this man's life. Pictures of him were everywhere. A baby picture, a photograph of him and his wife on their wedding day, photos of holidays with his children and the vacations the family had taken together.

It was a day of celebration of a long and happy life, and a day of saying goodbye to a husband, father, grandfather and friend. Family and friends had gathered from all across the nation for this moment. However, one person was unable to attend -- and that person was his wife of nearly 70 years.

She was just a few miles away, in a nursing home. Her health made it impossible to travel. So that she might share with her family in the service, the service was recorded onto a VCR tape and played back for her later.

That day a seed was planted, and resulting from this the funeral webcasting service was developed. Thanks to the development of a new technology called streaming video, it is now possible to bring services to a remote location live via the Internet.

Wherever in the world a person might be, they now can participate in a service for a loved one, including seeing and signing the deceased 's on-line memorial. They also can feel comforted in knowing this on-line memorial will be printed and given to the family at the conclusion of the service.

The on-line funeral webcast is entirely private. The webcast is protected by a login name and password. The family can give these to whomever they wish.

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On-line Memorial

A lasting memorial can be established right here at our web site at Family and friends can visit and sign the memorial book by clicking on the memorial book link, and then choosing the name of the deceased, which in turn will bring up that individual's memorial. The memorial can be accessed and signed at any time, and will be printed out and given to the family at the conclusion of the service.

Instructions for On-Line Services

Broadcasting services over the Internet involves a new technology called "streaming media." Streaming media is a means of delivering motion and sound from the source (Messinger Chapel) to the receiving end (your computer). Viewing the service requires an internet connection of at least 28.8 kbs.

In order for the signal to be sent and received, both sender and receiver must use special software called a media player. The media player that we use for sending out our signal is named RealPlayer. In order to receive the signal being sent from our chapel, the receiving end must also have RealPlayer installed on the computer. (Regrettably, the service is not available to people using America Online as their Internet Service Provider.)

Obtaining the RealPlayer software is easy. You simply download the software from Real Networks' website. (To download software means to go to the website where they are offering the software and transfer it to your system.)

You may want to print this page for reference!

The basic RealPlayer software is free. A link to the Real Networks website is listed below. This is where you can download the RealPlayer software. From this link you can choose to download the free basic player or to get the upgrade version for a fee. Either one will work fine for our service.

Click Here to Download RealPlayer

Depending on the speed of your connection and network congestion, the download may take between 20 minutes and an hour and a half. In order to ensure you can participate with the service, please download and test the software well in advance of the scheduled service.

Downloading: Once you begin downloading the program, you will be prompted by the computer as to where you would like the file to be stored. It will automatically want to save to the hard drive -- click the OK button. Next, it will ask you where on the hard drive you wish to copy it to and will suggest a folder (directory) for storing the program. If you have another place you would like the program to be copied, you can change it at this time -- if not, then click OK.

Grab a piece of paper and
write down the name of the file
and the location (folder/directory)
where it is being stored!

File name: rp7-standard-setup.exe
Location: C:/Windows/Desktop

Once the download is complete the program should uncompress and install itself automatically. If it does not, you will need to go to the program and start it manually. To do this, go to the location where the transferred file is stored (refer to your notes from above) and double click the file that was transferred. This will start the program installation.

After installation, test the RealPlayer by coming back to this page or using one of the channels on the RealPlayer browser itself.

If you are unsure if you have RealPlayer installed on your computer, or if you wish to test your RealPlayer installation, click the test link below:

Test My RealPlayer

The test link above takes you to a streaming media source that is using RealPlayer. If nothing happened when you clicked the test link, you probably do not have the RealPlayer software installed or it is installed and not configured correctly. If you see the word "Buffering" and the Real logo, then you do have the software installed and a video will display shortly.

Time of Service: Those participating in the on-line service should go to this page -- -- about ½ hour prior to the beginning of the service. There is a button labeled "Login for Family and Friends" at the bottom of the page. Clicking the button once will take you to the login screen.

When the login screen comes up you will need to enter a valid Login and Password -- the Login and Password will only work on the day of the service. The RealPlayer software will start automatically after the Login and Password are authenticated. Then the family members and friends will be able to see and hear inside our chapel at Messinger Indian School Mortuary, where the service is to be held.

If the deceased has a memorial set up on our website, please take a moment to sign the Guestbook prior to the end of the service. After the service, the Guestbook will be printed and given to the family.

Please call us Messinger Indian School Mortuary if you have questions or problems. Our phone number is 480-945-9521.