9300 East Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ

Paul & Cora Messinger and four other funeral directors opened Paradise Memorial Gardens Cemetery in 1973. Located in North Scottsdale, the placid panorama of the McDowell Mountains, man-made lake and swans are ever present.

Paradise Memorial Gardens Cemetery
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In 1977 they unveiled a crematory (only the fifth in Arizona at the time) and it was in 1983 that Paul bought out his partners' interests in Paradise Memorial Gardens. Paradise Memorial Gardens is a full service memorial cemetery handling approximately 500 interments a year. We offer every needed service including burial plots, single and companion depth burials, cremation and urn spaces, lawn crypts, markers, urns, memorials and a mausoleum with columbarium.

Paradise Memorial Gardens Mausoleum

1993 saw the completion of a new mausoleum and columbarium. The naturally lighted interior exhibits simple elegance done in earth tones with granite selected from the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain. The mausoleum contains 600 crypts and 900 niches (for cremated human remains) all located inside the air-conditioned facility. Single, tandem and quadruple crypts are offered along with various sized niches including some with glass fronts.

The focal point of the mausoleum is the bronze relief of a sculptured cowboy hanging up his bridle, putting away his saddle and finally going to rest.

Paradise Memorial Gardens - Inside the Mausoluem
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